Our attorneys have worked with some of the state’s most highly regarded judges and have handled numerous state and federal bankruptcy court appeals.  We are happy to talk to you about whether and how to file an appeal, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, or to discuss what to do if you find yourself a respondent on an appeal.

Business/Commercial Bankruptcy

We analyze complex business matters to determine whether bankruptcy is a viable option and to identify the possible benefits of filing a bankruptcy case.  We routinely file liquidation cases under chapter 7 and reorganization cases under chapter 11 and chapter 13 for business entities as well as for business owners and other individuals with primarily business debt.

Bankruptcy Litigation Matters

We have represented creditors, debtors, and bankruptcy trustees in both prosecuting and defending against actions for discharge of specific debts (section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code), global denial of discharge (section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code), recovery of fraudulent transfers and preferences, and other bankruptcy court litigation as well as complicated bankruptcy court contested matters.

Civil Litigation & Legal Writing Services

We have handled various business/commercial dispute, foreclosure, and collection matters in various state courts. We also offer limited engagement services to colleagues and clients who might like information on local practices or assistance in civil litigation, appeals, or bankruptcy court cases, but want to retain primary responsibility for handling their matters.  We can draft well-organized, well-researched, and compelling court documents, such as motions for summary judgment and appellate briefs, or edit work that you have prepared.

Creditor’s Rights

We have represented various creditors in state court collection actions, out-of-court settlements, and in bankruptcy cases, including relief from stay proceedings, objections to plan confirmation, and/or discharge litigation as described above.

Family Farmer Chapter 12 Representation

We have helped farmers, dairy operators, and ranchers reorganize their financial life, often through the filing of a chapter 12 “family farmer” bankruptcy case. We routinely advise such clients on issues regarding their farm loans, operating lines, and agricultural services liens.

Insolvency Planning & Commercial/Business Transactions

We assist clients in determining whether a non-bankruptcy alternative may work best for their situation.  We routinely negotiate with creditors on out-of-court work-outs and have represented receivers, trustees, and others in state court insolvency proceedings, such as receiverships.  As part and parcel of our practice, we routinely advise and/or draft business/commercial transaction documents, such as asset purchase agreements, loan documents, and releases.

Local Bankruptcy Counsel

We have served as local counsel for many out-of-state clients drawn into matters before our local bankruptcy courts.  We are happy to take as active or as limited a role as the case may require and to help you get up to speed on practice before our local courts.

Transactions Advice to Address Bankruptcy Issues.

We can review your transaction documents and advise you regarding how they would weather a future insolvency or bankruptcy situation.  If a bankruptcy case is in the works or already pending, we can advise you of your rights and options in dealing with the impact of a case on your situation.